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Sofia, Bulgaria

Investor Relations

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Sofia, Bulgaria

One platform, All of your Cryptocurrency needs.


We strive to provide users with knowledge on the following topics: Getting Started in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Coin Evaluation & Analysis, ICO Evaluations, and Understanding the Marketplace – to name a few.


Our Cryptocurrency Exchange is tailored to provides our members with a unique ability to buy, sell and trade many of the largest, most popular cryptocurrencies. Our platform has been successfully deployed on variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. It supports most devices and multiple languages, offering a unique user experience.


Our community membership consists of three different tiers. Each individual tier provides members with exclusive content, only available at their specific package. All members will have access to their own personalized account trading profiles.

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CryptoSphere strives to be the first online multi-platform resource that addresses every aspect of cryptocurrency ranging from Realtime aggregated News, Educational Courses, Market Capitalizations, Exchange Trading, Cloud Mining as well as providing a membership driven community of content contributors.

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Our community is dedicated providing the most accurate information, and secure technology bringing ease-of-use to members who are new in the CryptoSphere to the industry experts, paving the way into the age of transacting with Cryptocurrencies.

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Our team has over a decade of experience in technology, financial services and network marketing, We created CryptoSphere as to serve as a single platform for all of your cryptocurrency needs. Our token will advance our mission to provide a universally accessible platform to foster an educated community of investors in the CryptoSphere.
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